Church Programs



We have weekly services and you can join us for worship at our location or through our online platforms. 


Our church programs are non-denominational so everyone can fellowship with us.


We have a multicultural Christian community that is committed to the mission of bringing the message of Christ to everyone.


Our non-denominational church programs bring everyone into the beauty of Christian fellowship. It allows you to share in our community spirit either by being physically present at our location or connecting online.

We engage in a bible study where we share the word of God in meetings. Our bible study programs are interactive and revealing.

Our weekly services can also be streamed online on different platforms and social media.

Also, we have had several past messages and episodes that can be a blessing to you when you watch them. You can watch our past messages on our websites.

Church Programs

Online Church

Online Church

Our worship service holds every Sunday from 1:30 pm – 4 pm. You can follow the service online, through our website or social media handles.

Bible Study

Bible Study

Bible study holds every Tuesday from 6 pm – 8 pm. We share the message of Jesus Christ. 

Our bible study is in series and you can listen to each series on our website.

Watch Past Sermons

Watch Past Messages

Past messages can be watched on our website. In case you missed a live stream of our church programs, you can find it on our website.