Citizen Empowerment


Our ministry outreach programs also include citizen empowerment to help people live right and become the best that they can be.

The empowerment program is professionally done and it covers all core areas of life that can affect the wellbeing of citizens.


It is done through several programs and seminars.
Financial management is one of such aspects. Learning important life skills like financial management will make life better because people will become more responsible and disciplined.
Health and wellness is another aspect that deserves much attention. As we minister to the spiritual needs of the people, their physical wellbeing is also important to us.
Leadership training is also provided to build assertive positive behavior among the people. No one is left out because every citizen has the potential to become a leader in their capacity.
Marital counseling is among our programs targeted at empowering citizens. Marital counseling often leads to good and godly homes. Children raised in godly homes will enjoy all the benefits of a Christian upbringing and they will have better lives in Christ. In the course of our marital counseling peace and healing will be restored to homes. Also, couples will be brought back together in the love of Christ.


You can benefit from our outreach programs by joining our programs at Abundant Grace Church International at 8730 Cherry Lane, Suite 5A.

Citizen empowerment