What is a non-denominational church?

Non-denominational churches refer to Christian groups and churches that do not align with any particular denominational Christianity or confess strictly to their belief.

What is a Non-profit organization?

Nonprofit organizations offer social services and public benefit services to the community and they are not profit-oriented.

Do non-denominational churches welcome all Christian groups?

Non-denominational churches welcome all men women and children into the family of believers united in one faith in Jesus Christ. They do not align with any particular denomination.

Where can I find a non-denominational church?

Abundant Grace Church International is a non-denominational church located at 8730 Cherry Lane Suite 5A. Our service areas include Baltimore, MD. Washington, DC.

Does Abundant Grace Church International provide online church services?

Yes. You can watch and listen to our services online and on social media. Previous messages are also available for you online.

How can I be a part of Abundant Grace Church International?

Abundant Grace Church International has the goal of carrying out the great commission of Jesus Christ through preaching and service to humanity. You can join this great ministry by attending our services or supporting our cause.

How can I join an online church platform?

You can join our worship service and other church programs online through our website or streaming us live on Facebook.

Why is citizen empowerment important?

Training citizens to acquire useful life skills through our programs will make society a better place because people will become more fulfilled through our empowerment training.

Do you have a Bible study session online?

Yes, you can listen to our bible study sessions online and learn the Bible along with us every week

How can I support a Nondenominational church ministry?

To keep the mission of Jesus Christ on you can support our church programs and outreaches which are directed at improving the lives of those around us, thereby advancing the great commission as handed over by Jesus Christ.

Who is Dante Martin?

Dante Martin is the founder and pastor of Abundant Grace Church International, a non denominational and multicultural church devoted to preaching the message of Jesus Christ.