Outreach Events



Our mission also includes reaching out through social support.

All men, women, and kids have something to benefit from our outreach events. No one is left behind.

We offer scholarships and many positive programs that help those around us to achieve their fullest potentials in line with our mission.

Our outreach programs take place in our location and service areas too. This aspect of our mission further reechoes the message of Jesus Christ which is to uplift humanity.

We offer scholarships to students to help them attain their dream careers.

Our ministry organizes empowerment training for citizens. Through this program, citizens become better people and can take on personal and social challenges.

Seminars on leadership, health, and wellness, financial management are provided along with training.

Mentoring programs for kids are also made available so that young people can be guided to make the right choices early in life.

You can be part of our positive programs by joining at our location and in any of our service areas. Learn more about our programs through our websites.

Outreach Events
Outreach Event